Subway S’pore launches plant-based chicken sandwich, available till Jan. 18, 2022

Subway Singapore recently launched several new additions to its menu which will whet your appetite.

With more plant-based products entering the market, the sandwich chain is also offering its first-ever plant-based chicken sandwich. 

Plant-based Chicken Schnitzel

Subway’s Plant-based Chicken Schnitzel includes Nestle’s Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel, a meat-free breaded fillet with a crispy crumb coating that includes soya protein. 

It is touted to be high in protein and rich in fibre. 

The Plant-based Chicken Schnitzel starts from S$7.50 for a six-inch and S$12.50 for a footlong.

While customers can pair the plant-based chicken patty with their own choice of vegetables and other ingredients, Subway recommends it to be paired with lettuce, tomato, sweet corn and Subway’s signature spicy mayonnaise sauce.

Tri-Pepper Chicken

Those looking for actual meat can opt for the new Tri-Pepper Chicken.

The sandwich includes a chicken breast patty coated in breadcrumbs, as well as a blend of pink, green and black peppercorns with basil, cilantro and salt.

The Tri-Pepper Chicken has went through test-runs since 2019 in order to determine how suitable it is for the Singapore market, according to Subway, and was trialed in 2020 to “high praise”.

It starts from S$7.50 for a six-inch and S$12.50 for a footlong.

Subway recommends it to be paired with English cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and signature mayonnaise to bring out its peppery flavours.

The Tri-Pepper Chicken can also be ordered as a wrap or salad.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie

To round it off, Subway is bringing back its Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie, a flavour which sold out in stores in 2020.

Subway recommends getting it with the Tri-Pepper Chicken, to help cool one down after the sandwich’s pepperiness.

The cookie starts from S$1.40.

The Plant-Based Chicken Schnitzel, Tri-Pepper Chicken and Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie, will be available at all Subway Singapore restaurants and across delivery platforms GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo, till Jan. 18, 2022.